How Do I Get My General Contractor`s License in Georgia

If you`re looking to become a general contractor in Georgia, you`ll need to follow a specific process to obtain your license. Here`s what you need to know.

1. Meet the qualifications: In Georgia, to become a licensed general contractor, you must be at least 21 years old, have a Social Security number, and have a minimum of two years of experience in construction.

2. Complete the application: You`ll need to fill out the General Contractor Exam Application and submit it to the Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors. You`ll also need to provide proof of your experience and education, as well as a $200 application fee.

3. Pass the exam: Once your application is approved, you`ll need to schedule and pass the exam. The exam covers topics such as project management, contract administration, and safety. You`ll need a passing score of 70% or higher to receive your license.

4. Obtain insurance: As a general contractor in Georgia, you`ll need to have general liability insurance and workers` compensation insurance. The amount of coverage required varies depending on the type of work you`ll be doing.

5. Register your business: If you plan to operate a business as a general contractor, you`ll need to register with the Georgia Secretary of State and obtain any necessary local business licenses.

6. Renew your license: Your general contractor license in Georgia is valid for two years. To renew it, you`ll need to complete continuing education courses and submit a renewal application and fee.

Becoming a licensed general contractor in Georgia requires a commitment of time, effort, and money, but it can provide you with a rewarding career in the construction industry. By following these steps, you`ll be on your way to obtaining your license and starting your new career.