Largest Mlb Contract Extensions

Major League Baseball is home to some of the world`s most talented athletes, and it`s no secret that these players are paid high salaries to reflect their skills and contributions to their teams. One way in which these MLB players are compensated is through contract extensions, which offer players the opportunity to remain with their current team for an extended period while also receiving a significant increase in salary.

In this article, we`ll take a look at the largest MLB contract extensions in history and discover which players have made the most money during their time in the league.

1. Mike Trout – $430 Million

In 2019, the Los Angeles Angels signed superstar outfielder Mike Trout to a 12-year contract extension worth a staggering $430 million. This contract extension not only made Trout the highest-paid player in baseball history, but it also ensured that he would remain with the Angels for the entirety of his career.

2. Mookie Betts – $365 Million

After being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers from the Boston Red Sox in 2020, Mookie Betts signed a 12-year contract extension worth $365 million, making him one of the highest-paid players in baseball history. Betts is known for his impressive defensive skills and his consistency at the plate, and his contract extension reflects the value he brings to the Dodgers organization.

3. Bryce Harper – $330 Million

In 2019, the Philadelphia Phillies signed outfielder Bryce Harper to a 13-year contract extension worth $330 million. Harper is known for his powerful hitting and his ability to draw walks, and his contract extension made him the highest-paid player in Phillies history.

4. Giancarlo Stanton – $325 Million

In 2014, the Miami Marlins signed outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to a 13-year contract extension worth $325 million. Stanton is known for his impressive power at the plate, and his contract extension reflected the Marlins` commitment to keeping him on the team for the long term.

5. Manny Machado – $300 Million

In 2019, the San Diego Padres signed infielder Manny Machado to a 10-year contract extension worth $300 million. Machado is known for his defensive prowess and his ability to hit for power, and his contract extension solidified his place as one of the league`s highest-paid players.

Overall, these players have cemented their place in MLB history not only for their impressive skills on the field but also for the lucrative contract extensions they have received. As we look to the future, it`s certain that other players will continue to earn top-dollar contract extensions as they prove themselves to be invaluable members of their respective teams.